AMVETS White Clover

The White Clover is the official flower of the AMVETS and symbolizes the states from which the U.S. Armed Forces were drawn and the worldwide battlefields on which they fought. Meaning “remember me”, the AMVETS have been using this symbol since 1946. Used to benefit communities and to benefit and assist the needy-both veterans and the general public, the White Clover is one of the AMVETS most recognizable icons.

The White Clover program is an excellent project to raise funds that will ben­e­fit veteran’s ser­vice activ­i­ties. Ideal times for this tra­di­tional project are around Memorial Day, Independence Day and Vet­er­ans Day. Be sure to obtain per­mis­sion and acquire per­mits where required by law. Most communities will give full sup­port for char­i­ta­ble activ­i­ties such as a White Clover drive, because the pro­ceeds are used locally. White clovers are avail­able through the AMVETS Quar­ter­mas­ter.

White Clover Downloads:

Brochure explaining/promoting the White Clover Pro­gram may be downloaded.

Poster –for repro­duc­tion

Cancover– Ideal for stan­dard 1lb Cof­fee can. Print on sticker paper, avail­able at any office sup­ply store. Print, Peel, Stick.

The White Clover Medal is a National award that was devel­oped and approved a num­ber of years ago. It is recog­ni­tion for an AMVETS mem­ber who exem­pli­fies ser­vice to vet­er­ans, most often ser­vice to our hos­pi­tal­ized vet­er­ans. There is not one spe­cific set of cri­te­ria; in fact var­i­ous Depart­ments have dif­fer­ing criteria.

How­ever, it is fre­quently used to rec­og­nize a Post Ser­vice Offi­cer or an indi­vid­ual who has per­formed some spe­cial task(s) in the line of ser­vice to hos­pi­tal­ized veterans.

Some departments/posts award it to the per­son lead­ing the most suc­cess­ful “White Clover Drive” since the money raised is fre­quently used for the ben­e­fit of patients at the Vet­er­ans Affairs Med­ical Centers.

Some department/posts award it to the per­son who rep­re­sents their “AMVET of the Year,” again based on indi­vid­u­als impres­sive accom­plish­ments in ser­vice to vet­er­ans. Typ­i­cally, departments/posts using this recog­ni­tion make one award per year.

The Medal is avail­able from the AMVETS Quar­ter­mas­ter.

The White Clover Princess Pro­gram – A few AMVETS depart­ments also con­duct a pro­gram where they select a young lady to rep­re­sent AMVETS and pro­mote the White Clover Pro­gram through­out the year at var­i­ous AMVETS and pub­lic venues. This is a great way to show­case the cam­paign but more impor­tantly bring atten­tion to what is being done on behalf of our vet­er­ans with the funds secured through the program.

For more infor­ma­tion, please call the AMVETS National Pro­grams Dept.